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Ace Your 2 Mile Run!

To run faster you need to improve your running technique. With our 4-Week Speed Training Program you will be able to improve your technique and prevent common running related injuries. Developed for and used by elite runners, the program was modified and adopted for easy use by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Develop your speed through this cutting-edge, systematic […]

Major initiative seeks to combat U.S. soldiers’ weight problems and injuries

“That’s why the military — just like you — is thinking about how to get healthier in the new year and beyond. These base makeovers are setting the scene for the launch of Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F), a larger initiative that strives to radically change how the Army prepares service members. The proposal includes […]


When running, proper body alignment becomes even more important. Considering the level of impact associated with running we must be even more diligent. And also, what body do you think would move faster and more efficiently from point A to point B – the one that moves like a unit, well composed, properly aligned or […]

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In general, better balance translates into a more coordinated effort and higher precision of movement regardless of sport, so working on balance should be an important part of any good training regimen for any athlete. But how does our balance affect our speed? The answer is – indirectly, but rather significantly and it’s not as complicated as it might […]

New running technique strikes a Pose

Blake, who is also a physical therapist, is responsible for the physical training and rehabilitation plans for Soldiers who are injured in Basic Combat Training. He said most of the injuries he treats are the result of improper running.