Running Skill Training Enables NCOs to Train Soldiers with Better Results


Running skill training is an important initiative in the Army. The physical readiness domain focuses on a particular goal called “movement lethality,” which is the ability to destroy the enemy on the battlefield and successfully return home. Movement lethality is an essential skill for every soldier to have, regardless of their specific military occupational specialty, as every soldier has the potential to be deployed.

Running is considered to be #1 athletic activity in the number of non contact injuries reported, experienced and treated annually. That makes running the most dangerous sport. “The most dangerous thing you can do in the Army is not jumping out of planes – it’s to go for a run”



The running test is part of the physical fitness evaluation, and is commonly failed not due to a lack of trying, but lack of skill.


Running Skill is not officially taught at any stage of training throughout a service member’s career. Running Injuries are a big problem in the Army, costing 577 million per year, and more than 2 out of 3 injured soldiers face injuries from running. Training service members in Running Skill retroactively (after Basic Training or AIT) has not been a feasible option until now.


…I would take soldiers that previously were running 20 min 2-miles, and within an average of 2 weeks, they were running 16 min 2-miles.

– COL Charles Blake



Providing the Running Skill training to the NCOs enables them to train soldiers with better results. Running skill training is a uniform approach that can be scaled and implemented immediately. Health and Holistic Fitness, or H2F is a big initiative by the Army to revamp training protocols. One of the major updates in the new doctrine is the addition of Running Skill (Pose Method) in FM 7-22 (Chapter 7).

Running Skill training is now available, on demand – forcewide – through the ArmyIgnitED program. Individual Soldiers can watch Pose Method running skill training videos online.


Members of all branches of the military have participated in the The Pose Method of Running courses since 2008. On October 1, 2020 the updated US Army Holistic Health And Fitness Field Manual (FM 7-22) and Holistic Health And Fitness Drills And Exercises Army Techniques Publications (ATP 7-22.02) were published and they included the Pose Method as the method for the running skill program and running technique drills.

The Pose Method of Running training course and the Certified Running Technique Specialist credential are aligned with the Soldier Common Core (MOS) and P5 Master Fitness Trainer (ASI).


This training was developed by an Olympic coach, best-selling author and sport scientist Dr. Nicholas Romanov. To sign up for this running skill training available to all service members through ArmyIgnitED program, click here to fill out the quote request form.

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