Running Technique Specialist Certification Exam consists of 65 questions that are a combination of true/false, matching, multiple choice, video analysis, and a running 101 section. You will have an opportunity to review your exam prior to submitting it. You must take the entire exam in one sitting.

Once you finish and submit the exam, if the passing score is achieved, your will receive the official certificate and will have the option to print it out or download it as a PDF file. Your credential and a Unique Coaching Serial Number will be listed. You will need the serial number in order to register and list your contact information on our international registry of Certified Running Technique Specialists.

  • Attempts allowed: 3
  • Time limit: 1 hour 30 mins
  • Grading method: Highest grade

Before Taking Your Exam

  • Schedule up to 1hr 30 min to allow yourself to take the exam. That is the maximum allowed time to take the entire exam, if you exceed this time frame you will have to retake the exam.
  • Check that your system has a stable WiFi or Cable/DSL/Broadband connection. If your system does not meet this requirement, you might not be able to complete the exam.
  • Make sure to use Chrome or Safari browser in order for the video section to display correctly.

To Take Your Exam

  • Click on the button below to register online
  • When you receive an email with your login info, follow the instructions for the Exam.

Please Note: The Online Exam is accessible on any device, but it is recommended to take it on a desktop or laptop computer and it requires using Safari or Chrome browser. Stable and fast internet connection is required for the video analysis section.