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To run faster you need to improve your running technique. With our 4-Week Speed Training Program you will be able to improve your technique and prevent common running related injuries.

Developed for and used by elite runners, the program was modified and adopted for easy use by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Develop your speed through this cutting-edge, systematic program in just 4-weeks!

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When you subscribe to 4-Week Speed Training Program you will also receive full access to these training programs:

  1. 4-Week Strength Development for Runners
  2. 4-Week Agility Program
  3. Endurance Training with uberFIT Runner
  4. Flexibility Routines for Runners
  5. Beginner’s Guide to Running
  6. Marathon Prep Program
  7. Guide to Treadmill Running
  8. Run-Swim-Run Prep Program
  9. Half Marathon Prep Program
  10. 10K Prep Program
  11. 5K Prep Program

Make sure to use code MRW50 when signing up to receive a Military Discount of 50%.