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Brig. Gen. Mary V. Krueger, Commander of Regional Health Command-Atlantic, joined Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Soldiers for physical training during her battlefield tour August 31, 2022, at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. She also received instruction in the Pose Running method from Lt. Col. Angela Diebal-Lee, Deputy Commander for Readiness and Outlying Clinics at BACH. Click here to read full story >

Diebal-Lee’s research into running injuries like compartment syndrome, a lower leg injury common in runners, has been published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, and the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine. Her commitment to Soldiers and proper running technique has also led her to be among the first in the US Army to get certified as a Running Technique Specialist.


Since 2018, the Pose Method of Running Training Course has become available online. Studying with this course prepares a candidate for a successful certification exam to become a Certified Running Technique Specialist.


Running has always been part of military training. It is an essential activity that is part of virtually everything else soldiers must do on regular basis. And it’s been known for years, that as an activity, running is also the most dangerous athletic movement solely due to the amount of injuries that soldiers sustain. More than 2 out of 3 injured soldiers face injuries from running. However, running itself is not the issue.


Soldiers are trained and taught how to do everything else, but, when it comes to running, they were always left to figure things out on their own. Until now.


Health and Holistic Fitness, or H2F is a big initiative by the Army to revamp training protocols. One of the major updates in the new doctrine is the addition of Running Skill (Pose Method) in FM 7-22 (Chapter 7).

Running Skill training is now available, on demand – forcewide – through the ArmyIgnitED program. Individual Soldiers can watch Pose Method running skill training videos online.

The implementation of the running technique has helped the Army by reducing running-related injuries and led to vast improvements in recovery time, Diebal-Lee said.

She implemented the new running method while at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and saw amazing results.

“Ninety-six percent of the reinserted warrior training and rehabilitation program Soldiers stayed in training and went on to graduate after implementing this method, whereas before 68% of the WTRP Soldiers were coming back injured after one to two weeks,” Diebal-Lee said.



Members of all branches of the military have participated in the The Pose Method of Running courses since 2008. On October 1, 2020 the updated US Army Holistic Health And Fitness Field Manual (FM 7-22) and Holistic Health And Fitness Drills And Exercises Army Techniques Publications (ATP 7-22.02) were published and they included the Pose Method as the method for the running skill program and running technique drills.

The Pose Method of Running training course and the Certified Running Technique Specialist credential are aligned with the Soldier Common Core (MOS) and P5 Master Fitness Trainer (ASI). Certified Running Technique Specialist credential is approved for 10 promotion points.