Running is both an integral part of Air Force physical fitness assessments and, if done incorrectly, a potential source of injury. The 86th Medical Group physical therapy flight introduced a new running class called the Pose Method to help patients correct their stride, reduce or eliminate pain and avoid future injury so they can improve their scores on the cardiovascular component of the Air Force fitness tests.

Airman 1st Class Alexia Roberts, 86th Communications Squadron personnel technician, has been attending the Pose class for two weeks to recover from knee and leg pain.

“My pain has definitely decreased since I started the class,” Roberts said.

Roberts said her Pose Method run analysis identified problems in her stride. The way she landed on her heel when she ran and the way she walked on the side of her foot were causing knee problems and pain in her leg. She learned that if she did not improve her stride she could further injure herself.

“My injuries made it harder to do physical fitness,” Roberts said. “Also my friends understand that when I go out I always have to take some time to sit because my feet hurt.”

Tech. Sgt. Lizmarie Linares, 86th MDOS physical therapy flight chief, began implementing the Pose Method techniques at Ramstein in March, 2017.


…the most common injuries she sees among runners are shin splints and patellofemoral syndrome, or chronic knee pain. However, out of 48 sessions and 288 patients, Linares said that the Pose Method class has had 95% treatment success.


While currently the Pose Method classes are only for 86th MDOS physical therapy flight patients, Linares hopes to make them available to the entire 86th Airlift Wing. She also hopes to teach physical training leaders in Pose Method techniques so that they can properly conduct PT sessions and help those who are failing, which in turn allows Airmen to continue doing their jobs and stay deployable.

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Running has always been part of military training. It is an essential activity that is part of virtually everything else soldiers must do on regular basis. And it's been known for years, that as an activity, running is also the most dangerous athletic movement solely due to the amount of injuries that soldiers sustain. More than 2 out of 3 injured soldiers face injuries from running. However, running itself is not the issue.


Soldiers are trained and taught how to do virtually every task, however, running, the activity directly responsible for an overwhelming majority of all military related musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries, is not taught as a skill.


Health and Holistic Fitness, or H2F is a big initiative by the Army to revamp training protocols. One of the major updates in the new doctrine is the addition of Running Skill (Pose Method) in FM 7-22 (Chapter 7).

Running Skill training is now available on demand, forcewide,  through the Army IgnitED program. Individual Soldiers can watch Pose Method running skill training videos online, and take an exam to become a certified instructor (technical certification, promotion points).

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